Monkey in the wild house tune! Aphex Twin

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Boi Sounds Music presents Dusty

BoiSounds is a hub for original Music Composition: Writing & producing original material, Pop & Acoustic for established Stars and up-and-coming artists.
And creating soundtracks for Film, TV and Adverts

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200bpm per minuete?

Paul BG

Old school drum&bass Paul BG

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I don’t you, you don’t know me :) Net? DA DA DA

Legendary art punk band from Germany. early 80’s to mid 80’s

DA DA DA ? We say Shabbadabbada!

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Nataliya Petkova started clubbing around Bulgaria in 2005. It was nowhere else, but in the capital – Sofia, where she had the chance to listen to some of the world’s finest DJs. Being impressed by what they do with the crowd, she decided to start following music not just as a fan, but as a DJ as well. Encouraged by that enthusiasm of hers for music, she moved to London in 2008. Six months after she completed the courses “Club DJ Course”, “Digital DJ Course” and “Performing with Ableton live 7” at London School of Sound. She got prepared for her first gig ‘Infected Frequency’ in 2009. In January 2010 she became resident DJ at Molton House. May 2010 saw her becoming a resident DJ of Republic Artists. March 2011 she gained a residency at Relations – (Brickhouse- London) and at the well known underground collective Leading Astray. She had been invited as a guest DJ at plenty of parties, mixing in various clubs and boats in London, Bucharest, Prague & Hannover. Her music style is very complex taking in account all the electronic music out there.

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Constructivist Ethnic ART comes to fashion?

Most prolific Ukrainian artists! Arty SHOW,

Терапія історичної амнезії. Перформенс на Андріївському узвозі, 22Б from BIGGGGIDEA.COM on Vimeo.

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Guru Groove Foundation

New Disco band that dominates east europes dance floors.

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