The Dirt

or those who crave immortality through iconography, Shabba-Dabba-Da storms into London spearheaded by a transatlantic meeting of minds. Promoter Buster Bennett of East London immortality, famed for a decade of his Willy Wonka-esque creations in underground clubbing teams up with Larry Tee, New York’s infamous bastion of the new-garde. Joining the two master-minds, a living incarnation of the Blitz Kids lineage, Daniel Lismore, a regular in the glossy pages of Vogue.

As the smoke clears and recessionista’s search for the newest hot-spot, Shabba-Dabba-Da gears London up for a boom-time party like no other, a warholian interpretation of a utopian enclave in a dystopian world of fame, fortune and capitalism. Imagine the Blitz Vs Studio 54, with Jacuzzi’s. London’s Glamour-Glitz kids & kinder folk take refuge at East London’s new mysterious and aptly named venue Avalon which was once and not to distantly a high-rollers brothel with décor to match. Dress-up like Hollywood did a Pantomime, music supplied by Erol Sabadosh (Boombox resident) Larry Tee, also unveiling Buster B’s latest creations stylist/DJs Maximus Crown & Munroe Bergdorf. Hosting provided by the fabulous Daniel Lismore and the latest dress-up icon, Burger Kim. Documentation, performance, photography, filming an visuals will be undertaken by the art-stars of London’s avant-garde.


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