Jo Jo Mayer- beats

Jo Jo Mayer the most creative drum /break beat drummer ever existed on this planned! Highly skilled, successful drumbastic musician ever! Born in Zurich, currently lives in NY.
Began his music career at the very early stage, got his first drum kit at the age of 2. Being lucky to have a musical family. Dad was a touring musician who inspired his son to the love of music.

“I used to be heavily connected with d’n’b etc. In nyc in the mid 90’s. Not so much anymore as the tidal wave of those styles has ebbed out quite a bit since the mid 90’s. Now, I’m adjusting my radar into any direction that indicates steps towards an interesting and fresh musical experience. Some is still within the electronic scene, such as the dub step stuff for instance. Other influences come out of the new stream of experimental rock and stuff…whatever it might be…old or brand new”

Jo Jo Mayer is known for bringing together jazz, drum and bass, jungle, and other vast amount of musical influences. His magnificent ability to play of programmed jungle drum ‘n’ bass. He terms this technique «reverse engineering”.
He is the leader of live electronica trio Nerve, which he founded in 1997.

Nerve in The Bunker, no.3 from Jojo Mayer / Nerve on Vimeo.

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For those of you new romantic lovers here is a synthy pop band that will totally shambolise your souls.
Tesla Boys first single released on p) & (c) 2009 Mullet Records / Tesla Boy.

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Lady Fag- The one who wore it best!

Lady Fag is the most iconic nightlife fashionista in NYC originally from Toronto. Dresses in bizarre and super flashy outfits

“I’ve been called an animal before so it didn’t surprise me when the fabulous boys at SPANK asked me to pose as one. I am a horse. I’ve always felt that to be my animal spirit.”

She owned a vintage cloths shop for 10 years, thereafter she grew to admire and appreciate clothing, fabric and cut. Lady Fag is an extreme fashion-monger, loves importance of outlandish one piece clothing over mass shopping. A Queen of handmade items.
Prolific admirer of Mexican and South American culture/fashion.

From time to time wears a lamp shade on her head and has ubber hairy armpits.

“Do I seem like a pretty white horse with a dildo on my head?!…. I dont think so!!!” Says Lady Fag.

Perhaps most exhilarating is her “Fuck You” attitude combined with her wonderful outgoing free spirit and confidence.

Lady Fag for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

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Dance to the sound of SHABBA DABBA DA DJs:

Larry Tee (Ultra Rec. / DJs Are Not Rockstars / New York)

Have a listen to one of our favourite tracks:

Buster Bennett (Shabba Dabba Da / Antisocial /London)

Fake Rolex (Shabba Dabba Da / London)

Listen to their latest track on the link below:


CAMP! DJs (Berlin)

Bomb Boutique (FABtory / Berlin)

Listen to this: IT IS SICK!!!!!

plus a


Be astonished by the performances of:

– Daniel Lismore (Shabba Dabba Da / London) &

– Clea Cutthroat (Bonaparte / Berlin)

CAMP! will be accompanied by the visuals of

– Michaela Kesenheimer (Shabba Dabba Da / London)

CAMP! will be hosted by
– Eigk Van Camp (CAMP! / Neon Raiders)
– Thomas Götz von Aust (CAMP! / Warehouse / Chantals House Of Shame

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Celebrating 10 unforgettable nights we are back at Avalon for a massive celebration…bring on Shabba Dabba Da – X – Markz Da Spot!

If you thought IX was BIG & BAD …………… X’s gonna be even BIGGER & BADDER!!!

London’s most outrageous night is coming at you once more from the GLITZY & DECADENT …… AVALON …… on 9th April from 9pm to 3am with a classic lineup of Shabba favorites.

Larry Tee

Or click the link below for more of Larry’s Mixes available for download:


Luke Worrall












And here’s another of Luke’s track for you guys to download:

Munroe Bergdorf


Attack Attack Attack!


On top of that all the usual suspects will be on duty to make sure things go with a bang.

As ever, Daniel Lismore will be judging any hot bods that present themselves. Fancy yourself as a glam Adonis? We’ll see about that!

Burger Kim and Brett will be holding the fort as the evenings Doorkore.

In true Shabba style, we have lots more up our sleeve, but you are just going to have to wait and see wont you! Keep an eye out for updates and in the meantime……..

Get your supercheap guestlist here.

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Shabba Dabba Da IX – The Visit

Just to keep you on your toes Shabba Dabba Da IX – The Visit will be coming to you from The Shoreditch (formerly ‘Last Days of Decadence’) in, you guessed it…Shoreditch!

Saturday 19th March sees an unbelievable lineup of some of Shabba’s nearest and dearest. featuring:

Larry Tee
Buster Bennett
Luke Worrall
Attack Attack Attack

We will also be playing host to some sick live music to bring the noise.

Mel Merio has worked with the big names in Electroclash, from Christopher Just to Shabba favourite Larry Tee. She is also a performance artist and club promoter, having hosted successful nights in her home town of Vienna as well as Berlin, Hamburg and New York.

Now she brings her sleek, bass heavy electro pop to east London, expect an ultra cool and uplifting set.

Pelin Pelin is traveling all the way from Hackney to bring her blend of R&B, Hip Hop and Indie Dance Pop to Shabba.

Her set is guaranteed to entertain, featuring soulful vocals and plenty of walking baselines…

We like to think of ourselves as the clubnight which keeps giving so we are overjoyed to announce that we will be offering a £100 prize to the best dressed on the night. The winner will be photographed by our official snapper Wataru Fukaya and will be the face of our next flyer.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a hottie? Well easy going…we will be the judge of that! On the night Larry Tee and Daniel Lismore will be on duty to judge the Hot Body Contest. The winner will receive a super secret prize!

So collect your guestlist here, slap on something fabulous and we will see you on the dancefloor!

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Shabba Dabba Da – NYE

Never ones to shy away from a massive party, Shabba Dabba Da has been bringing it all year with 7 huge nights. Each and every one more opulent, decadent and outrageous than the last.

How to top off such an amazing year? With a New Year’s Eve party, the likes of which the capital has never seen before!

We will be bringing the madness back to the Avalon Bar, but this time we are putting it all on show! With an all star cabaret of our favourites DJs and performers as well as some brand new shiny faces the bar will be lit up like you would not believe. We will also be bringing you a glitteringly debauched VIP room complete with jacuzzis and a very special Sauna Disco. Forget what you thought you knew about Shabba Dabba Da, this New Year’s Eve is going to melt your soul!

For the uninitiated and virginal, here is a breakdown of what to expect from our glittering lineup of DJs…

Jodie harsh

Jodie is THE fashionista’s DJ. She has performed her House and Electro sets everywhere from Pacha, alongside The Swedish House Mafia to Glastonbury and has even done mixes for Pete Tong’s ‘In New Music we Trust’ show on Radio 1. Draped in some of the hottest new designers Jodie is fast becoming a London Fashion Week regular, having appeared on the runway for both Emma Bell and Naomi Campbell. Expect her to set the night on fire, making you dance whether you want to or not!

Larry Tee

There is so much to say about Larry Tee: he coined the term Electroclash, he has worked closely with Peaches, Fischerspooner Princess Superstar, Santigold, even Perez Hilton and he has been at the forefront of the club scene for over 20 years. But most importantly he is a Shabba Dabba Da favourite. So what more do you need to know?

Fake Rolex

If you like your bass lines heavy and eclectic, Fake Rolex are most definitely for you. As North London’s newest DJ/MC double act, Buster Bennet and Offkey bring you a truly innovative mix of live electronics and improvised vocals producing an unique live act which pushes the frontier of bass music forward.

Luke Worrall

Luke has been big on the modelling scene since he got his first Dazed and Confused cover back in 2007. Since then he has modelled for everyone from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Juicy Couture. He now has the honour of being Shabba Dabba Da’s newest resident DJ.

Munroe Bergdorf

Model’s muse Monroe has been involved in some of the hottest new nights in London including HAUTE and OMFG! She is also a Shabba Dabba Da Resident DJ, whose Pop and R&B sets are guaranteed to get you moving.

The Royal

Model Alex Prinz and Shabba Resident Maximus Crown have teamed up to form a DJ double act fit for a Queen. Currently generating a big buzz around London, catch them before they get too huge!


Performing a live show especially for NYE – A look back at some of the iconic tracks that made NIYI the pin up kid of Nu-Rave and also his brand new material never before showcased in London. Going to be a performance to remember!

Scott Whippy.

New kid on the block Whippy has already made a big impact with his weekly party ‘Your Mum’s House’ and his DJ sets are a mashup of Electro/Fidget/Dubstep/Pop/80’s/90’s. So something for everyone, yeah?


From fronting creative design agencies, writing Ribbed Magazine to being respected DJs and producers in their own right, Tim Hilton and Lillica Libertine are some of the hardest working Djs around. They will be sweating it out in the Avalon Sauna bringing some serious Electro to the party.

K-Tron and LaRich

Presenting Shabbavision! The brain child of utopian futurist agent provocateurs K-Tron and LaRich, this live installation will leave you questioning everything you hold dear. Expect some world view shifting live art and visuals.

So get ready, because on the 31st we are going to party like it’s 2010!

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